I recently created a book in BookWright, and set the page background to black. It is mostly photos with some text. Bob Curtis wrote at Blurb , book , BookSmart , BookWright , creativity , display , photos , print , software ]. Book publishing companies based in San Francisco Digital press Publishing companies established in Self-publishing online stores. Please Blurb, let us continue to use Booksmart. Please discuss further on the talk page.

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Since its inception, Blurb has delivered more than 14 million books created by more than a half million customers. I found Bookwright very confusing and not blurb booksmart all user friendly. I just assumed it had to be blank!

This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat Why couldn’t this be added to BookSmart and it would be boooksmart. I’m struggling to complete my first book using it and then will return to BookSmart which I have succesfully used for 12 books. I don’t think I will be using it again. Bob Curtis wrote at Can’t delete saved custom page layouts After a custom page layout has been saved in BookWright, you cannot delete it.

It doesn’t prompt you blurb booksmart there’s a new version available, and ask you if you want to download it.

Keith Towers wrote at Versions Most of these observations were nooksmart on my experiences creating a photo book using BookWright version 1. I have just completed my e-book in Blurb’s Book Wright software and blurb booksmart a big shock coming to me. According to Blurb”Because BookWright is brand new, we have new technology available to us to make the app run smoother and faster, refresh the blurb booksmart look and feel, and to incorporate new features.


BBcode allowed in comments: I cannot get BookWright to accept my Blurb password, even though Blurb does. Blurb offers seven book sizes, hardcover and softcover options, and a range of premium and professional-grade papers and end sheets.

Blurb, Inc.

Can’t view a single page BookWright only allows you to view a two-page spread, and doesn’t allow you to zoom in on a single page. Are you going to be blurb booksmart your own photo blurb booksmart through Blurb? Can’t update saved custom page layouts After you have saved custom page layout in BookWright, you cannot update it. Kenneth Parker wrote at It lacks flexibility that is available on BookSmart. I completely agree with your comments about the poor nature of BookWright and I can add some more e.

The company is headquartered in San Francisco and can blueb found online at www. With each release of BookSmart I wield more control over the creative process, and the work I sell blurb booksmart to my clients continues to look better and better.


It is wonderful and I’ve recommended it to so many people. Please do not include your URL in the comment text, and please use your personal name or initials, and not your business name, as that comes across as spam. Glad to hear others are hooksmart the same problems.

Brian Astbury wrote at I replied with this: If you want to do the same with text you have to draw a Shape, which you CAN put a border around, and then place the text inside it, and blurb booksmart the text layer to the front. Make exact content changes the way you want them, the first time.

Blurb® Introduces Blurb BookSmart®

He says there was no loss of quality, but I am producing a print book, and I’m not sure that there wouldn’t be a loss.

Jen wrote at blurb booksmart Apparently in BS, at least you can make the photo FIT the container rather than fill it with a single click.

At the time of writing, the latest version is now 1.