I’ve got so many good things I can say about this game, but not enough space. Badspot, I’m sorry what I did on the fourms, and I will follow the rules, can you un-ban me off the fourms, I will be good. Has that date passed? Blockland is pretty dead, we’re just now getting into BL-ID k’s. Badspot Would you consider making this free-to-play, or do you still need the moneys?

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The BL community, as far as i seen, shit.

Blockland v is a freeware sandbox game released in November of Also if you do can you use a more modern file type for blockland v20 blockoand I’m referring to Badspot here, not Blockland. Badspot did you stop blockland hosting???

Old Blockland Games

Download The Orange Block 2. Return to Blockland v1. And another btw Whoa Badspot calm down Just get a few moderators for free just for quality control. A word of warning: Ever since I got revoked, I was first happy because I was mad, but then I lost motivation on my life and lost creativity. Let’s deal with it, blockland v20 not coming back to blockland v20 blockland.


You have to install an older version of Blender, and then export your model from modern blender to a file readable to old blender, and then export that as a DTS file and hope it works. This is an unofficial download site for various old Blockland games and their derivatives such as Blockland vBlockland 1. There should be no expectation of free content updates at all.

Overwrite existing files in the installed game directory. I tried to rejoin out of solving the problem, but you banned me quickly before telling the truth.

Someone found v20 which has maps! :: Blockland General Discussions

U P D A T E i might be wrong but im just basing this off of myself and some other people that play blockland and this blockland v20 section ;-. The installer linked above is the original one from that installs the demo version of the game.

The community is still sturdy and i love everyone in it. I’m happy I didn’t buy it, because I would be really upset if it fell apart. I check everything again, correct. Is your spine literally made of cheese? And i enter everything correctly, but it displays blockland v20 error message. Cant hurt to try, if it fails, i will commit suicide. Nipple God 40k There’s still like 80 blockland v20 or something left in Blockland. Not be on the demo for the rest of my “gamer life” shooting fucking jeeps.


Old Blockland Games

The development section cuts off and you still haven’t finished writing it. Actual Doaler Keep in mind this was before youtube and certainly before the indie game renaissance we’re currently living in. New engine, new look, new blockland v20, b20. Or at least a steam workshop for this game.

If you have bought the game through Steam you do not have a serial key. I removed some add-ons that were not present in the original version. I’ve used it on my laptop and if you want me to prove that it is my on my laptop i can prove it. The game is identical blockland v20 the original Blockland v20 except you must use either run.