ALthough, this is technically impossible. As technical difficulties grew further, all these ideas were scrapped, with no “Bleempak” and no hardware releases. Additionally if you are one of the owners of a Bleem CD key, you might be able to find the last beta versions and use them version 1. Best Little Emulator Ever Made! If you have a modchip, the PS2 can play PS1 backups without a problem. Further updates to the emulator were free, until the company ceased operation several years later. New Bleempaks would have to be purchased if one game was not available to boot in a Bleempak.

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Combined with the lack of succes of their Bleemcast product and the fact that many gamers were moving on to newer, better systems eventually lead to Bleem’s demise. Despite claims of “enhanced” graphics, bugs plagued bleem! Two days after Bleem! Unfortunately the Dreamcast was abandoned by bldem creator, Sega, which left Bleemcast without a system to run on.

Bleem!-like emu for PS2?

Sony, despite having lost its case with Connectixcontinued to pursue legal action against Bleem!. Even though it was buggy and incomplete, it would run some PlayStation games, though not all the games it ran would be playable. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.


You bleej have javascript disabled. While it’s a given that most of those will be devoted to the most popular PlayStation games, it’s definitely possible that import games and other, more obscure titles could be made compatible, as well.

Bleem Announces PlayStation Emulator for Dreamcast

As of NovemberBleem is no more. Due to the Dreamcast controller’s fewer buttons compared to the PlayStation, there were plans to release a Bleem! Does anyone know if anything like this exists? Accessed May 29, Posted 24 August – Several functions may not work. Face to face interaction, women, and some old games. This page was last edited on 4 Novemberat Robert Alchemist User Admin 11, posts Gender: Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

By Jeff Gerstmann on May 15, at bleem emulator ps2 As technical difficulties grew further, all lbeem ideas were scrapped, with no “Bleempak” and no hardware releases.

Bleem!-like emu for PS2? – PS2 Emulators [/pc/ps2] –

To combat redistribution of the small downloadable emulator, the user had to buy the Bleem! After all in Bleem’s case there was an actual entity to sue the company whereas the authors of freeware emulators are much harder to sue because it’s not always clear who “owns” freeware emulators.


It was a relatively bleem emulator ps2 emulator which could run many games pretty fast. It can play PS1 games on DC. The bleem emulator ps2 is probably pcsx2 although I have no idea if you can use an original disk with it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The Bleempad is a Dreamcast-compatible controller with the proper button configuration to work with PlayStation games.

Join the conversation There are 1 comments about this story. Despite the legal victories, the legal fees allegedly forced the company out of business. In related news the PC version of bleem! I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password.

ISO images of many of these discs circulate on file-sharing networks. Best Little Emulator Ever Made! PlayStation emulators Software written primarily in assembly language Sony litigation Video game controversies Windows emulation software.

That and it is very, very slow about fps.