The bridge to Candar, which was broken if you stepped into the forest north of Thais earlier, is now repaired, but you are possibly not strong enough to handle all the enemies in that area yet. Enter the temple to find the Oracle. Remember this spot, as you will have to return here later. Exit the city and return again, and now Beatrice is standing in the broad way signing copies of her latest romance novel. You may also find your way back to the world map with access to a desert or a swampy area. Take the key from beside the bed and use it in the clock, then return to Raquel with your discovery. She begs you to convince the Sultan to set her free so she can marry Firoz.

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After the tree awakes, Ean receives instruction to go to the Land of Man, and climb a mountain covered in ice, where he will find Iya.

Explore the area, using Blizzard Scrolls if you purchased them in Happily Ever After, looking for chests. It is important to note that the weapons and armor you purchase here are cursed enemies in Two Moons Plains also drop cursed armor sometimes. You need to find something strong enough to move him, if you wish to get at whatever he is guarding. When you have finished exploring and have found all chests, it is time to return to your aveyond 2 walkthrough and continue on your way to Thais.

Walk down and around to the right, and again take the mirror on the left of the aveyond 2 walkthrough wall. With Jack in your party you will be able to open locked blue chests. Speak to him again and he asks you to convince the Lord of Souls to let him and his troops leave. A brave and determined girl, she likes to perfect everything that she learns.


Aveyond 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

She has a hard hand and doesn’t care for the weak of mind. Above aveyond 2 walkthrough on the world map is the beautiful Candar, the city of love. Mages practice battle magic. There is nothing more to do here, so return to your dragon, and fly back to Thais. The reward would aveynod a sphere that enable Lya to learn the most useful spells.

She is on the lookout for salamander egg.

Aveyond 2 – Ean’s Quest Walkthrough – Episode 3 – Woodlands & Ryva

Go and talk to her, and she asks you to find some glow moths to light her cave if she only winks at you, it is because you have not spoken aveyond 2 walkthrough Lenora in Candar since getting Ava’s ship. Return to Casket Hill walktnrough the Lord of Souls. The only place to disembark is at the eastern end of the lake, on the southern shore.

Also buy more bread. You must go warn the kingdoms about the Snow Queen’s plans if you want to save Iya. With White Pass covered, that leaves only one place on the mainland that you haven’t aveyond 2 walkthrough able to fully access — the Underworld Entrance. Emma and Rye can only marry if the egg you returned to Sabriyya provided a red salamander, and if you took it from her for the farm.

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

Return to Seri and deliver the egg to the Sultan, who happily allows Simini to go. Move to another map and aveyond 2 walkthrough return back so you can fight the same monsters again. Wonder where that came from The sails can be purchased from a merchant in the Seri marketplace he will not sell them to you until Ava asks for them. Inside, you discover the woodsman, lying on the ground and injured. Return to her house and talk to her to obtain the Actor’s Guild card.


After defeating the Blue Blaze and setting Aisling free she also tells you to meet her back in her glenwalk through the mirror at the back of that aveyond 2 walkthrough, to be transported back outside. If you have Ava and Gavin in your party, Gavin offers to give one of his eyes to Ava to replace her missing one.

The only clue you have as to the whereabouts of Aveyond and the Guide, is Gulliver’s lost cloak. Sleeping also restores full HP and MP to everyone in your active party. As you attempt to enter the castle, the guards block your way.

After the shield is destroyed, Uthar takes his troops and marches on the castle, leaving you behind in Thais. Iya may optionally receive up to two more Spheres, each with five spells that can be upgraded, in the course of her walkthroough.