When Aang excitedly asks if the plan would work, Zuko angrily yells that it would not. Toph voice Dante Basco As the group displays their horror at this news, Zuko concludes that Aang will have no choice but to defeat Ozai before the comet comes, otherwise there will not be a world to save. The New York Times. Sozin’s Comet is only three days away. Before the week of July 14—19, no episodes had been shown in the US since November 30, , [1] though some episodes had been released on DVD prior to their airdate. Aang continues his firebending training.

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It debuted on July 19, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Ozai accepts this idea and decides to use the power of the comet to permanently crush the Earth Kingdom, just as Sozin used its power to wipe out sozin Air Nomads one hundred years prior.

Toph voice Dante Basco The Last Airbender video game soundtrack Zuko’s Story. Retrieved from ” http: Sozin’s Comet received critical acclaim from critics and fans alike. Aang starts to restlessly pace around, musing that killing goes against everything he learned from the monks.

Frustrated with his inability to find a way to defeat Ozai without killing him, he asks four of his past lives for advice.

Sozin’s Comet, Part 1: The Phoenix King | Avatar Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

With the combined power of his past livesAang quickly overwhelms Ozai but refuses to kill him. It is revealed that he, along with other characters encountered in previous episodes, are part of an otherwise non-aligned secret society known as the “Order of the White Lotus”, which plans to liberate the Earth Kingdom capital city from Fire Nation rule. Aang reappears and begins to duel the Phoenix King. I saw how Hakoda was rescued in Boiling Rock.


The island, which is actually a giant “lion turtle”, bestows upon Aang the power of energybending and leaves him on the shores of the Earth Kingdom while Ozai arrives with his airship fleet.

Sozin’s Comet – Wikipedia

Zuko accepts Azula’s challenge to a one-on-one duel because he realizes Azula is distracted and he does not want Katara injured. Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Sozisn using deprecated image syntax Good articles. Aang continues his firebending training.

To poke fun at the idea, Zuko adds that they could subsequently show Ozai his baby pictures in order to trigger his good side.

Hearing Zuko’s words, Ozai believes that they must destroy their hope, and Azula suggests burning down the Earth Kingdom. Sokka decides to have a simulation fight against a scarecrow, but Aang refuses to kill it due to his pacifistic nature and non-violent upbringing, and even berates his friends after they pointedly tell him that he has no choice but to kill Ozai. The next morning, the others prepare to leave the beach house, but they cannot find Aang anywhere.

Sozin’s Comet: Part 1 – The Phoenix King

Aang meditates on the beach house porch, accompanied by Momo. Search abatar ” Sozin’s Comet: The finale episodes were also recognized by the awards circuit. Somewhere else, Momo wakes Aang up, and Aang sees with great surprise he is on a mysterious island in the middle of the sea.

Meanwhile, Sokka, Toph, and Suki hijack a Fire Nation airship, and use it to destroy Ozai’s airship fleet, crippling his forces before they can burn down the Earth Kingdom.


The Last Airbender has sozinns as an ongoing graphic novel series published by Dark Horse Comics since Januarywhich takes place after the events of the finale and before the sequel series The Legend of Korra. At first, Ghe makes a feeble attempt at a particular move, but does much better with the next attempt. The scene’s pairing of moody and melancholic music with intense action was inspired by Ghost in the Shelland a decision was made to quiet the sound effects to let the music set the tone was inspired by Blade Runner.

And then you can show him his baby pictures and all those happy memories will make him good again!

18 Sozin’s Comet: Part 1 – The Phoenix King

Share this Rating Title: Sign In Don’t have an svatar Aang prepares himself to fight Fire Lord Ozai, but has difficulty deciding how to defeat him without taking his life. Edit Storyline Sozin’s Comet is only three days away.

aozins Back in the Earth Kingdom, Zuko leads the group into a tavern where they find Junea bounty hunter, who has a shirshu which can track Aang. Sokka makes a dummy, naming it the “Melon Lord”, to use as practice for the group’s strategy to take out the Fire Lord.

Unsatisfied with their answers, he asks the island for help.