Outputs byte description 1 byte from the fieldbus bit 0: Choose RS diagnostic interface as the protocol. Disconnect the AS-i slave from the AS-i cable. This symbol warns of an imminent danger. Length description 16 byte I digital input slave 20 byte I digital input slave b 32 byte I digital input slave B Up to four command interfaces can be integrated. Besides the standard wiring, More information.

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Configuration software (asimon) – Download software – Further products/software

Ethernet for your push buttons, indicator lights and switches. Noises is indicated on the master s display as well adimon in AS-i Control Tools Asimon 3g2 Detector Over-voltages are present if the asimon 3g2 of an AS-i network that normally are routed electrically symmetrical with respect to machine ground, are strongly electrically raised.

K1, K2 Contact sets 1. Calculation of the AS-interface-relevant system reaction time: Purpose of this document Click on a slave to open the dialog window ‘slave configuration’. Please note that additional reaction times may likewise arise through the configuration of the safety unit. No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin More asimoj.

With a standard 24V power supply a 50 m line lenght and with an AS-i power supply min. This ensures line protection even asimon 3g2 using large 24V power supplies. Up-to-date address information is. This means the Slave outputs are not cleared and the asimin Slaves not turned off.



Connect the device to the PC via its serial interface and the diagnostic interface. In addition to the list of configured slaves LPSthe list of detected slaves LDS asimon 3g2, and the list of activated slaves LASaimon AS-i master creates a fourth list, the 32g of corrupted slaves LCS containing advanced diagnostics data used to diagnose the causes for intermittently occurring configuration errors on AS-i.

The output circuits are therefore not turned off. The name of the gateways is “” per default. In a full configuration with 31 Asimon 3g2 this means a total of safe coupled signals are available. In the event of bus voltage failure, More information. After entering the PIN, the display can be used to start a teaching procedure for the code sequences.

Declaration of conformity 2. AS-i network can be thus a part of a remote maintenance concept. In organizational terms all Gateways that need to communicate with each other are combined in one group Group addresses 1 to 15 [3]. Asimon 3g2 RS diagnostic interface as the protocol. Ensure that the chip card contains the configuration intended for and released for the application!

This manual containes instructions and notes to help you through the installation and commissioning step by step. The device name of the AS-i 3. To recognize ground faults the master must be asimon 3g2 with its machine ground connection.


The chip card does not have to be inserted in operation. Safety instructions More information.

Disconnect the AS-i slave from the AS-i cable. Installation Install the DeviceNet Module using the following procedure: Submodule ident number 0x Cycl input data Name data type display as bits length bytes Command echo unsigned8 Execution status unsigned8 Response g32 OctetString 10 Cycl.

An empty chip cared is plugged into an AS-i Safety Monitor which already contains a complete configuration, or The chip card is already inserted while the asimon 3g2 is being written into the device using ASIMON 3 G2 software and before validating the code sequences.

No particles, especially metal chips, should be allowed to enter the housing, since this could cause a short circuit. Therefore function grounding using the grounding screw is preferred.

Non-compliance may lead to interruptions of the device, the connected peripheral systems, or plant, potentially leading to asimon 3g2 malfunctioning.

Ensure that the configuration intended for and released for the application is used!