These kids are highly patriotic, courageous and immensely talented to cover so many important topics in such a light hearted fashion in 3 minutes flat. Now this is called being an inspiration. Thanks NFP for sharing. That is the reason why “no military general is laughed up on media” in the entire world. Whether Military or Politicians, all. I remember what a huge influence NFP was on the political music scene in the s and he has been influencing young writers and journos for over a decade now with his bold stands against extremism and especially with his sarcastic wit.

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These lyrics are the heart of the song. God bless you all. Oct 20, As a writer u are doing great job. Girls in Kohistan video were killed, Supreme Court told.

Aalu Anday: Beygairat Brigade

All previous attempts at providing housing for the poor have failed. Kindly think before you comment. Brigqde got enough to worry about without being patronised by Indians.

While listening to this song I recalled all your columns you wrote in last 2 decades. I hope you know what I mean. Oct 29, Bidding process for Mohmand dam project sparks controversy. Paracha October 18, January 04, A legendary teacher BY all accounts, Major Geoffrey Douglas Langlands led a remarkable life, spent at the risk of boastfulness in a Also, had Roy been doing this, then he would not have been invited by Hamid Mir on his show so many times.


What I care aalu anday beygairat brigade is that they went after the un holy alliance of Mullah and Military.

What else you want in song that you need hundreds of words of many minutes to explain a three minute song. Though both the brothers now have expensive hair pieces planted on their heads, they had precious little hair some six years ago. They are aalu anday beygairat brigade and honest However, this article helped me to understand the lyrics.

A previous version of this article misidentified the song’s language as Urdu instead of Punjabi. Puppeteer has done a great job: I andat the lyrics were simplistic and at times showed utterly wrong depiction of Pakistani perception over issues.

Listen to Aalu Anday Songs by Beygairat Brigade – Download Aalu Anday Song Online On JioSaavn

The views expressed by this blogger and in the following reader comments do not necessarily reflect the aalu anday beygairat brigade and policies of the Dawn Media Group. Thks NFP for drawing our attention to a excellent song that lays it out bare. At the end, I am proud to say that being an Indian, I never felt so proud and hopeful about Pakistan. Oct 23, Leaders are at least known by all and followed by some. One needs to understand well the current political discourse in Pakistan to fully appreciate the lyrics that are largely studded with allusions.


Aalu Anday

If one only looks at the One bit i could not get where he talks about tawa and the size of the roti could you elaborate. And establishment these brigaed of people. The views expressed by this writer and commenters below do not necessarily reflect the views and policies of the Dawn Media Group.

I just happened to be this side of the line when they drew the Borders.

Army shoots down another Indian spy drone along LoC: Here was a bunch of raw, early twenty-somethings poking fun at the military chief!