However, the band fails to bring this unique factor into the actual songs that comprise their latest album, “Submission for Liberty”. So happy that these guys are making a name for themselves, because they really deserve it. Site Copyright Sputnikmusic. Write your own review. You have to be logged in to post a comment. I’ll say something even stronger:

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Would like to see them live. ThrashTillDeath94 April 16th Comments. Also check out the latest Survivalistwhich follows a not too different path. Mister Twister April 13th Submissionn. Can’t say that I fully grasp the correlation between the band name and the subject matter, but 4Arm seem to be one of the current standouts in the modern Australian thrash metal scene, right up there with Evile and Warbringer apropos of clinical, throwback-inclined procedures and beefy production values.

4ARM – Submission For Liberty Lyrics

There are also some really nice, classic leads like on the intro of “When I Lie Awake. Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher. 4arm submission for liberty 1 Music Lists. Of course that’s not to say that there aren’t many redeeming qualities contained within this 49 minute, submssion fueled monster of an album, i’m merely stating that this album lacks variation from the all out thrash that this band plays.

However, the consistent quality thrash found here is more than enjoyable. Unfortunately, they confined all the good ideas in a few songs, and, as a matter of fact, probably 4am two tracks on here will surprise you, if you’re expecting the ordinary revival thrash album.

Fans of Mortal Sin’s last record Psychology of Death will find some decent stuff here, and there is a strong Metallica influence concerning lead passages and vocal intonation. Those who are starving for a libeerty who nails the alcoholic drawl that Hetfield immortalized, Danny Tomb might just be your man. Nothing much left submissipn say, if you have grasped the meaning of my review you will immediately check the two best songs liiberty here, and they will not disappoint you, Ffor suppose. You have to be logged in to post a comment.


This has been going on since Mortal Sin broke through with Mayhemic Destructionso while it is nice to see some modern bands stoking the once-lurid flames anew, 4Arm don’t exactly blow me 4arm submission for liberty here.

This band toured with acts such as Testament, Overkill, and Flotsam and Jetsam. But that doesn’t change the fact that Submission of Liberty is a standard entry at the end of the day, serving as an inferior modern representation of a once-enthralling and hugely underrated!

So happy that these guys are making a name for themselves, because they really deserve it. Although I brushed aside the groove elements in the opening paragraph, the band does come close to this particular fusion at times. I don’t dislike this last factor, he isn’t too much repetitive and this helps.

DiamheaDecember 6th, Written based on this version: I can go either way concerning his standard shouting, but he does pull out a decent performance when the emanation of the music calls for a shift in tone. TheBurningOfSodomJuly 19th, Despite starting and strongly in an experimental and resonant manner, the entire middle of Submission of Liberty tests few boundaries and just barely earns a passing grade as a result, mainly due 4arm submission for liberty a decent vocalist and intelligently-employed change ups.


A few riffs are really successful, and the solos are always lliberty and with a shredding accent at times. All in all, a honest singer with a limited range and some improvable details, surely nowhere near the level of James Hetfield himself. Write your own review.

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Tweet Recent reviews by this author. I actually reviewed Diamond Plate’s Pulse recently, and I find that these Australians are about on the same level concerning quality of output. ThrashTillDeath94 April 15th Comments. They lberty a new one coming out soon.

4ARM – Submission For Liberty Lyrics | MetroLyrics

So for those expecting ljberty next Exhorder or something, look elsewhere, as this is militaristic, mildly-engendering thrash metal that lifts more weight due to the production than the riff quality itself. Oh, and for those who have read the previous review, this is the song where vocalist Danny Tomb sounds the most like James Hetfield, and in the middle part the similarity is so evident that it could be credible as a guest appearance by the Metallica frontman.

In a way, the same can be said for the actual instrumentals found here. I would 4arm submission for liberty leave ‘The Oppressed’ out of that bunch of songs, but it’s more a matter of personal tastes: Fuck liverty man, this band rules hard.